The Christmas performance season is past and 2018 is well started. We can not wait to perform for you our latest selection of songs during the spring concert series with the theme of Classics and Colours. You would think that the classics are a self explanatory category, but here’s a hint that it might not be so. Sure, classic choral pieces are all about Latin pieces composed for sacred purposes, however, pop classics performed by the choir are not out of the question. Similarly, the colours might be obvious such as singing a blues number or the rosy, happy feeling of “La Vie en Rose”, but then again, they could be found in some quirky, witty songs as well….

Please check our Concerts page for upcoming performances.

Interested in joining the choir?

For anyone interested in joining the choir this season, regular choir practices are held Monday nights (7:15 to 9:30 pm) at the Lutheran Church of the Master in Airdrie. For additional information on registration and a copy of the registration form, please visit our How to Join page.